Comfrey is one of nature's greatest herbs, and is traditionally known as knitbone and a heal-all herb since about 400 BC. 

Comfrey's most important ingredient is the substance Allantoin. Allantoin could help keep skin healthy.

Easy to apply on joints, knees, hands, ankles, skin, body etc. Reputed for soothing and comforting. A little goes a long way.

No unpleasant burning sensations or odours, great to use in any time and in any situation. Most customers benefit from having 2 jars, one for the home, one for workplace. Apply directly to the affected area by massaging into the skin. Do not use comfrey for deep cuts or lacerations.

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    Comfry Ointment


Customer Reviews

"This is an excellent soothing ointment that does what it claims on the label. It does not have any unpleasant odours or unexpected burning sensations that you get with other ointments. It just soothes.Rub it in last thing at night and the aches and pains are relieved by morning".        - By crissie d

"Use it for years, it works and puts me back on my feet again. this time its a cracked bone in my foot, healing fast."      - Mrs J Smith